Consider These 12 Nursing Careers Outside the Hospital

Today, the field of nursing is more diverse than ever. By earning your nursing degree through the Accelerated BSN program at Northeastern University, you’ll be prepared to practice the profession by land, sea, or air in as few as 16 months. Consider these 12 nursing careers outside the hospital.

There are nursing careers outside the hospital that are attainable with an ABSN from Northeastern University.

1. Clinical Research Nurse

Working with people from all walks of life and providing many forms of care, this nurse focuses on patients participating in clinical trials for improved health, such as individuals trying out a new cancer treatment. Job responsibilities include planning and implementing daily clinical procedures, collecting samples and vitals, recruiting participants, and educating subjects. In addition to a BSN, this position typically requires several years of training in a research setting.

2. Cruise Ship NurseNursing careers outside of the hospital, such as cruise ship nurse, are possible with an ABSN from Northeastern University.

Taking to the high seas, this nurse works as part of small medical team comprising other nurses and physicians. From first aid to sea-sickness to cardiac arrest, cruise ship nurses deliver all types of patient care. In critical care situations, this nurse needs to stabilize the patient enough to be transferred to the nearest healthcare facility on land. In addition to a BSN, this position typically requires at least two years of working experience and advanced cardiac life support certification.

3. Flight Nurse

Following flight crew safety policies, this nurse works with other medical staff to provide patient care before and during air transport. Flight nurses work to keep patient vital signs steady during flight, while also helping the individual remain emotionally calm. Tasks often include dispensing medication, administering CPR, and treating wounds. In addition to a BSN, this position often requires critical care experience and special flight certification.

4. Hospice Nurse

This nurse creates and implements care plans that keep terminally ill and dying patients as comfortable as possible during their final days. While hospice care is often associated with pain control, it’s a compassionate, selfless profession that provides support to patients and their families.

5. Forensic NurseForensic nurse is a possible nursing career outside of the hospital that Northeastern's ABSN program prepares students for.

Perfect for RNs who enjoy investigative problem-solving, this occupation assesses, screens, treats, and collects forensic evidence from victims, including those of sexual assault. Other job responsibilities for this nurse include testifying in court and assisting in death, trauma, and drug abuse investigations on an on-call basis.

6. Informatics Nurse

While this nurse doesn’t treat patients directly, he or she still has a major impact on their care by evaluating and selecting the technology used at a healthcare facility. Job responsibilities include determining end-user requirements, customizing functionality, and providing user training. The more efficient and intuitive the technology, the more time clinicians have to spend with patients.

7. Legal Nurse Consultant

Primarily employed by insurance companies, this nurse collects, organizes, audits, and maintains health records for legal use. Other responsibilities include advising on standards of care, potential causality, and risks. Job requirements tend to vary by company. For example, some companies may want an RN with emergency room experience, while others prefer RNs with paralegal training. 

8. Military NurseCompleting Northeastern's ABSN program sets the foundation for nursing careers outside of the hospital such as a military nurse

Whether working on a ship, military base, or in a warzone, this nurse sets up triage, treats wounds, administers medication, and cares for military personnel all over the world. The military needs nurses who are trained in all specialties, from critical care to pediatrics to trauma.

9. Nurse Recruiter

Primarily working in the healthcare industry, nurse recruiters help companies find qualified applicants to fill registered nurse and licensed practical nurse job openings. With the growing nursing shortage in this country, these recruiters have their work cut out for them. Responsibilities include attending career fairs and meeting with nursing students at colleges and universities.

10. Office Nurse

Caring for patients in a private practice setting, this nurse works under the direction of a physician. Primary tasks involve assisting with patient examinations and performing routine procedures, such as throat cultures and vaccinations. Other responsibilities include obtaining patient medical records, ordering tests, and taking patient phone calls to determine the priority of treatment based on the severity of the condition.

11. School NurseAn Accelerated Nursing degree from Northeastern can be used to work in school systems.

Working within school system guidelines, this nurse implements strategies that promote student and staff health and safety. Also a leadership role, a school nurse is responsible for coordinating health programs that involve counseling, nutrition, physical activity, and the community. In addition to a BSN, the National Association of School Nurses recommends hiring RNs with School Nurse Certification.

12. Travel Nurse

If you’re not one for daily routines, this could very well be your dream job. For the most part, there’s no such thing as a typical day for this nurse. He/she is often hired to fill temporary nursing shortages in certain areas or to visit remote locations where no healthcare facilities exist.

As you can tell, there’s really no limit as to what you can do with a nursing degree from Northeastern University. After all, our rigorous curriculum enables you to develop clinical and critical thinking skills that are transferable to all types of patient care situations. So, whether you prefer a traditional RN role or one of these 12 nursing careers outside the hospital, let our 16-month ABSN program fast-track you into the profession. Contact our admissions team today to get started.

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