What’s the Fastest Way to Get a BSN? Consider Relocating to Charlotte

What’s the Fastest Way to Get a BSN? Consider Relocating to Charlotte

Sitting on a waitlist at your nearby nursing school? Given the fact that most of the nursing schools in this country have way more qualified applicants than they do seats, your acceptance letter may be a long time coming. So what’s the fastest way to get a BSN? If you have a non-nursing bachelor’s degree, you should consider relocating to Charlotte, North Carolina, for our 16-month ABSN program.

Here at Northeastern, we see a lot of qualified nursing students willing to relocate to Charlotte to attend our accelerated nursing program. After all, we can get them moving on their education as soon as possible, with program start dates in January, May, and September.

Meet four students who uprooted their lives and moved to North Carolina to set their nursing career in motion.

Meet Miranda: She Relocated to North Carolina from California

When it came to her nursing school selection, Miranda said she chose our ABSN program because of its accelerated nature and solid reputation. “While speed was my number one thing, I wanted to get my BSN from a highly respected program that could get me jobs.”

Miranda also found the accessibility of our ABSN program to be a huge draw. “I just didn’t want to wait.” She applied to our program in February 2018 and was in Charlotte two months later ready to begin the accelerated path into nursing.

Having researched accelerated nursing programs in her home state of California, she said a lot of them were waitlisting qualified students due to a lack of capacity. She also found many of the admissions counselors at those schools to be unhelpful and sometimes rude. So she solved her California nursing school waitlist problem by moving to North Carolina, with the help of her Northeastern admissions counselor.

Northeastern ABSN student miranda

“My counselor was awesome. She offered to look at apartments and areas of the city for me and give me her recommendations. I had never been to Charlotte, and she made it easy and comfortable to relocate. I was fine coming out here sight unseen. I just packed up all my stuff and drove.”

Meet Ellen: She Relocated to North Carolina from Pennsylvania

One of the main reasons Ellen chose Northeastern was because of our straightforward, supportive admissions process. Having also applied to other nursing schools, she said the admissions teams at those institutions were difficult to reach at times and offered her little to no help.

“My admissions counselor at Northeastern was always available. If I left a message, she got back to me within the day, and she really made sure that I was making the right decision for me. She was able to give me that one-on-one care. I know she had plenty of other applicants she was working with, but I never felt that way. I always felt like I was her only applicant.”

At first, Ellen didn’t think she would leave Pennsylvania, but then she thought it might be cool to apply to Northeastern.

Northeastern ABSN student ellen

“It’s ended up being the best decision I’ve made. If you’re thinking about applying to Northeastern, definitely go for it. It’s an accelerated program, which can seem daunting, but it’s manageable.”

Meet Rachel: She Relocated to North Carolina from Michigan

When researching nursing schools, Rachel sought a reputable, well-established ABSN program. So when she discovered that our Boston-based ABSN program had expanded to Charlotte, she was all in. “I wanted to move a little south because I was getting sick of the weather in Michigan.”

While Rachel considered an accelerated nursing program closer to home, she said it required more prerequisite courses than ours. “If I had gone with the Michigan-based program, I would have ultimately been paying more in the long run.”

Rachel also said she loved the Northeastern admissions process and that her counselor was fantastic. “My admissions counselor was always there. She made the application process nice and smooth. I didn’t feel nervous about anything. I didn’t think I was going to be moving so far away from home, but it’s honestly one of the best decisions I’ve made.”

After graduation, Rachel is highly considering staying in Charlotte, at least for a couple of years.

Northeastern ABSN student rachel

“Charlotte is great. There are plenty of hospitals here and great opportunities. It’s definitely a city that has a lot of positives going for it.”

Meet Sarah: She Relocated to North Carolina from New York

With some nudging from her aunt, who just so happens to be a nurse living near Charlotte, Sarah looked into our 16-month ABSN program and liked what she saw.

As it turns out, she satisfied all of the admissions requirements, which included the completion of all the ABSN prerequisites. All she had to do was submit her application and move in with her aunt. “It was just kind of all meant to be. Everything fell into place so easily.”

Sarah also commends her admissions counselor for making the application process easy and straightforward. “My counselor was very friendly and got rid of any fears that I had.” Another thing that helped ease Sarah into her move was her nursing school classmates.

Northeastern ABSN student sarah

“It was easy to become friends because we were all in the same boat, going after the same goal.”

Ready to Relocate?

If your nursing school application is going nowhere fast, we offer one of the fastest ways to get a BSN. Contact our admissions team to learn more about our 16-month ABSN program and how soon we can put your education in motion. Just know that this is a second-degree option, so you must have a non-nursing bachelor’s degree to qualify.

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