Why Choose the Bouvé College of Health Sciences School of Nursing?

Founded in Boston in 1898, we are a private research university with a rich history in developing nursing programs that respond to the changing needs of society. The reason being is that the faculty and staff within the Bouvé College of Health Sciences—home to our distinguished School of Nursing—are equally committed to health education, research, and service.

By fostering cross-disciplinary interaction among faculty and students, Bouvé encourages innovation at all levels of health education, recognizing the autonomy of each medical profession. As a result, we are able to expand the healthcare knowledge of our nursing students to not only benefit individual patients but society as a whole.

Inside the Bouvé College of Health Sciences, our faculty works closely with students to help ensure their academic excellence so they go on to graduate with all the required proficiencies, such as critical-thinking and decision-making skills, to excel in today’s complex healthcare environments.

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