3 Ways to Make Money as a Second-Degree Nursing Student

make money as a second-degree nursing student

Going back to school to become a nurse takes a lot of time. Completing online didactic coursework, practicing several hours a week in our nursing simulation lab and attending clinicals in and around Boston doesn’t leave much room for a full-time job. In fact, for many of our students, it’s in their best interest not to work while completing the bachelor’s degree portion of our hybrid/online Northeastern Direct Entry-Hybrid Nursing Program.

Having a traditional 8-to-5 job isn’t the only way to keep your finances in the black. Here are 3 ways to bring in money as a second-degree nursing student:

1. Freelance.

If you have several years of experience in a specialized industry, consider flexing those muscles in a freelance capacity. Talk to your current employer about completing work on a project basis. Demonstrate that your continued involvement in a key account or project will allow for a smoother internal transition and give the company more time to recruit your replacement. If that’s not appealing, think about running a side business in your area of expertise. Many professions including marketing, graphic design, management, accounting and law have ebbs and flows in their work, and many companies would love to get some extra help in a way that doesn’t increase their head count.

2. Refinance.

If you own a home, now is a great time to think about refinancing. In some instances, the money you’ll save with a lower mortgage payment can equal to the amount you might make from a full-time job. At the very least, refinancing can reduce the amount you need to borrow from private lenders for tuition and living expenses. If you’re happy with your mortgage lender, contact them to learn more about your options. If you’re interested in shopping around, visit a site like LendingTree.com to compare rates from different competitors. Refinancing your mortgage can also be an opportune time to review your policy for homeowner’s insurance and confirm you’re getting the best rates possible.

3. Reconsider.

Your bills, that is. Review your plans for car insurance, land line and mobile phones, TV access and the like to see which payments can be lowered and which can be eliminated altogether. Remember that this arrangement doesn’t have to be permanent; the BSN portion of our Direct Entry-Hybrid Nursing Program is only 16 months. After you graduate, you’ll be eligible to sit for the NCLEX and earn your RN license. You can pull a full-time nurse’s salary while completing requirements for your master’s degree if you so desire.

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