4 Ways a Northeastern Nursing Degree Sets You Apart

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A nursing degree from Northeastern University holds a lot of value in healthcare. Not only does our School of Nursing have a reputation for graduating students who lead the way in nursing practice, education, and research, U.S. News & World Report, in its 2017 rankings, listed Northeastern as one of the top 40 national universities in the country.

We offer several different nursing programs at Northehttp://colleges.usnews.rankingsandreviews.com/best-colleges/northeastern-university-2199astern, including an ABSN program that makes it possible for students with a prior bachelor’s degree to earn a quality nursing degree in as few as 16 months. More than just a fast-track option, the program has four distinct advantages over other accelerated nursing programs.

4 ways a Northeastern nursing degree sets you apart

1. World-class Education

Our university and ABSN program maintain all of the accreditations required of higher learning institutions. In fact, U.S. News & World Report ranked us the seventh most innovative school in 2017.

As an ABSN student, you can rest assured we prepare you to sit for the NCLEX®-RN exam and that your education aligns with modern nursing practices. Our curriculum also promotes innovative thinking so that you graduate with a sense of responsibility to improve the healthcare environment.

I was provided an excellent education. It definitely prepared me for the NCLEX.
—Stephen W., ABSN Program Alumna, Boston

2. Renowned Faculty

As a student in our ABSN program, you will learn from some of the nation’s best and brightest nursing faculty. Not only are these individuals great educators and mentors, they are also innovators and entrepreneurs who help shape the advanced healthcare landscape.

Our School of Nursing Dean, Nancy Hanrahan, for example, is a national leader in psychiatric mental health nursing, known for her work documenting the psychiatric nurse workforce. She also helped pave the way for a web-based toolkit that helps nurses caring for veterans recognize and treat symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder. The toolkit was among the innovative projects highlighted by the White House in 2014 when addressing mental health issues suffered by veterans.

Northeastern University nursing student working in simulation lab

3. Real-world Experience

Given our strong ties within the Greater Boston healthcare community, you have the opportunity to practice your nursing skills at some of the most prestigious medical facilities in the country.

Because our mission is to make safe, quality, and ethical healthcare accessible to everyone, we also get students involved in performing volunteer work at homeless shelters and free healthcare clinics. According to Carol Femia, a clinical instructor in Boston, many ABSN students get hired right from their practicums or public health clinicals.

By choosing Northeastern for my nursing degree, I was able to work with some of the best healthcare professionals and innovations in the industry, which may not have happened with another school.
—Jeff K., ABSN Program Alumna, Boston

4. Entrepreneurial Focus

We believe that as the healthcare industry continues to grow and become more complex, there will always be areas that stand to benefit from innovative nurses who have an entrepreneurial mindset. After all, nurses are at the frontline of patient care, making them ideal candidates for spurring change and improving outcomes.

Therefore, as an ABSN student, you can expect to be part of a stimulating learning environment that prepares you to make valuable contributions to society. After graduation, we encourage you to take advantage of the many resources we provide to the nursing workforce, including our annual “Nurse Innovation & Entrepreneurship Summit and Hackathon.”

Launched in 2016, the Summit and Hackathon is a platform that encourages nurses to drive innovation in healthcare. Several great innovations came out of the inaugural Hackathon, including an “Are You Contagious” app that allows school nurses to track and alert parents of illness outbreaks and contagious conditions at their child’s school.

Northeastern prepares you to become a successful nurse.
—Kenneth F., ABSN Program Alumna, Boston

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