5 Signs That You’re a Nursing Student

You know you are a nursing student whenEarlier this month, we went to our social media channels to get feedback on the following statement:

“You know you’re a nursing student when…”

We pulled from that feedback to identify 5 tell-tale signs of a nursing student. Thanks to everyone who participated!

1. Your pen supply is fully stocked.

Of course it is – you’re taking notes for your didactic (theory) lectures, creating massive to-do lists to keep your schedule organized and filling out paperwork during clinicals. Sometimes it’s better to ditch the laptop and opt for good old-fashioned pen and paper.

2. You’re well-versed in home care.

Some students take a break from working while they’re in nursing school, but not all. One @NEU_Nursing Twitter fan, the owner of a senior care facility, said she hires a lot of nursing students to provide in-home care. “They are well received and always happy,” she said.

3. You wear white clogs with pride.

One Twitter follower commented on the “fashion forward” white clogs that nursing students wear as part of their clinical uniform. But you wouldn’t have it any other way, right?

4. You go the extra mile for a good grade.

An Instagram follower emphasized the importance of doing well in nursing school. This follower went so far as to retake a course and jumped from a C grade to an A. The goal was less about GPA and more about being a better nurse.

5. You diagnose family, friends and strangers.

Anyone with a potential health condition should always see a doctor, but RNs in training often find themselves in situations where family and friends ask for medical advice. On the flip side, sometimes it’s the nursing student who’s proactive with a recommendation to seek medical help. One of our Facebook fans studying to become a family nurse practitioner urged a patron of a fast food restaurant to get checked for Lyme disease based on a visible rash on the person’s arm.

Do you have more signs to add to the list? Are you ready to be a nursing student? Learn more about our Boston nursing programs by calling 866.892.3819 or completing a contact form. We’d love to hear from you!

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