8 Traits Successful Northeastern University Nursing Students Share

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8 traits successful northeastern university nursing students share

Northeastern University nursing students are a melting pot of cultures, races, ages, and academic backgrounds. They are recent undergrads, career changers, mothers, and fathers. So if you were to ask us what the average ABSN student looks like, we wouldn’t be able to give you a straight answer. However, what we can tell you is that there seems to be a series of traits that these diverse students share during the throes of nursing school.

Every student in our 16-month ABSN program has a non-nursing bachelor’s degree, which can be in anything from accounting to biology to psychology to zoology. Yet, while every student in the program may have studied something entirely different as an undergrad, each and every person has a history of academic success. After all, we require a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 to qualify for our accelerated nursing program.

Furthermore, because this is an accelerated nursing program, every ABSN student shares the same motivation and end goal, which is to graduate as a practice-ready nurse in a short period of time.

For as long as Northeastern University has been offering students an accelerated path to nursing, whether it be through our ABSN program site near Boston, Massachusetts, or in Charlotte, North Carolina, we’ve found that those who tend to be the most successful in our ABSN program can be described by many of the same terms.

1. Dedicated

Successful ABSN students understand the intensity that comes with a four-semester accelerated nursing program and are willing to put a significant amount of time and energy into their studies. Often, these students view nursing school as a full-time job.

2. Determined

Given the rigorous nature of our ABSN program, successful students have the strength of mind and strength of character to keep pace with the compressed curriculum. They do what needs to be done, even if they don’t want to. When times get tough, they remind themselves of why they wanted to become a nurse in the first place and how the program is helping them reach this goal.

3. Self-Reliant

Because much of the ABSN curriculum involves online coursework, successful students are independent and demonstrate a high level of personal accountability. They know it’s up to them to manage their time wisely and ensure they don’t fall behind in their studies. Successful students also create effective study habits that align with how they best learn.

4. Organized

Given the fast-paced nature of our ABSN curriculum, successful students know how to plan ahead, stay organized, and fine-tune their schedules so they can effectively juggle multiple priorities at any given time. They plot out and visualize their study commitments on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Some students even automate their lives as much as possible, such as ordering supplies online or taking advantage of grocery delivery services.

Are you calm under pressure?

As an ABSN student, you’ll participate in nursing simulation labs that challenge you to problem-solve and think critically. Through these lifelike learning activities, we can see how well you demonstrate clinical judgment within best evidence-based practice.

5. Rational

Successful nursing students adopt attitudes that promote critical thinking and summon critical reasoning. These students demonstrate logic, independence of thought, social awareness, and fairness, which allows them to recognize problems, raise questions, and offer effective solutions.

Can you handle blended learning?

Our ABSN program follows a blended learning format that comprises online coursework, nursing labs, and clinical rotations. While much of the curriculum is completed online, you’ll come to our program and/or clinical partner sites every week for hands-on instruction.

6. Compassionate

The best nursing students understand that both competence and compassion, while not mutually exclusive, are essential to providing quality patient care. They have an emotional intelligence that allows them to understand the feelings of others and respond appropriately, which includes conveying openness without judgment and respecting the dignity of others.

ABSN students who are equally competent and compassionate often use their nurturing nature to assist others in their cohort who are struggling with a particular nursing concept.

Can you show empathy?

While some people may naturally be more inclined to show empathy than others, it’s also an emotional quality that can be taught. Our ABSN program prepares you to deliver quality care that meets the unique faith and/or cultural needs of patients.

7. Self-Aware

Nursing school is overwhelming, causing students to feel a wide range of emotions. Therefore, successful ABSN students are aware of how their emotions affect their study habits and the treatment of others. These students remove as much stress from their lives as possible to stay grounded during the whirlwind of accelerated study. They consistently block out “me time” in their schedules and practice self-care rituals that allow them to relax and recharge. Rituals can be as simple as meditating for 10 minutes every day or getting a massage once a week.

Can you cope with stress?

It’s important to routinely practice self-care during the ABSN program. Whether you enjoy meditation, music, or massages, it’s vital to find ways to relax. After all, a depleted body is a stressed body, so don’t ignore your physical and emotional health while in nursing school.

8. Courageous

Going back to school as a second-degree accelerated nursing student shows a lot of courage. Those students who are willing to accept the challenge and aren’t afraid to look fear in the face often go on to become successful leaders in the nursing profession. These students realize that every person in our ABSN program is going through the same range of emotions, and no one is ever alone with what they are feeling.

If you can relate to the shared traits of successful Northeastern University nursing students and think the above terms sound a lot like you, you just might have what it takes to complete our full-time four-semester ABSN program. Contact our admissions team today to find out for sure!

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