New ABSN Scholarship for Charlotte Students

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Nurses are a big deal in this country. They represent the single-largest employment sector in healthcare and play a critical role in improving patient outcomes. And unfortunately, there’s not enough of them to go around, with some states feeling the impact more than others.

In response to North Carolina’s mounting nursing shortage, Northeastern University created a special ABSN Scholarship in Charlotte to encourage more individuals to enter the profession. Starting this month, the University will automatically award a $20,000 scholarship to every student who is admitted to its Charlotte-based ABSN program. Students will receive $5,000 per semester over four semesters.

North Carolina, home to our Charlotte ABSN program, could see the second-largest nursing shortage in the country by 2025, with a deficit of nearly 13,000 nurses. In a December 2020 interview with North Carolina Public Radio (WUNC), Dr. Dennis Taylor, president of the North Carolina Nurses Association, said the projected deficit comes from a report published by Georgetown University.  

“We have known in North Carolina for several years that we not only had a shortage, but we would be facing an even more severe shortage in the future,” he said. Taylor went on to say much of the shortage is due to educational institutions throughout the state not having enough faculty to fill their classes.

But that’s not the case at Northeastern University-Charlotte. We can enroll a high number of nursing students into our ABSN program annually, with classes starting every January, May, and September.

If the lack of nursing faculty wasn’t already enough, COVID-19 has further exacerbated the state’s need for nurses. The pandemic has overtaxed North Carolina’s healthcare system, with registered nurses working longer hours and more shifts than ever before. 

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