Application Tips for Accelerated Nursing Programs (Part II)

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In Part II of Northeastern's Application Tips for Accelerated Nursing Programs, we bring you 3 jobs that will help improve your nursing school application. Having one of these positions does not guarantee acceptance, however, it will help your application stand out from the crowd.

Improve Your Nursing School Application: Entry-Level Healthcare Jobs

Whether you are looking to test the waters before committing to a career as a registered nurse or seeking a way to boost your nursing school application to earn your accelerated BSN online, working an entry-level healthcare job offers many benefits for potential nursing students. Working in healthcare allows you to get a foot in the door and start building a professional network immediately. You will experience one of the environments you can work in as a registered nurse, as well as get a head start on learning medical jargon and the various roles within healthcare settings.


An application tip for your accelerated nursing program: nursing schools like to see the dedication and drive in nursing school applicants that these positions illustrate.

Take a look at some of the healthcare jobs you can work in before you apply for Boston college BSN programs.

1. Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)

EMTs are one of the most important team members in the healthcare field. Along with paramedics, EMTs respond to emergency situations to provide medical care, oftentimes in life-saving situations. EMTs and paramedics assess patients, determine and carry out necessary emergency treatment such as CPR and wound care and transport patients to hospitals.

How does working as an EMT let me test the waters?

EMTs work in stressful environments that require quick thinking and fast reflexes. Although they do not work in traditional settings like hospitals or clinics, EMTs do experience how teams must work together to provide the best medical care to a patient. Being able to work in a team environment is an important part of a successful nursing career, so this will give you a preview of what you can expect as a nurse. EMTs also work long shifts and may sometimes be required to be available overnight and on weekends, much like registered nurses. Working as an EMT can be stressful, but also highly rewarding when you help save a patient’s life.

How does it help my accelerated nursing school application?

All nursing schools have certain academic standards that potential students must meet before being accepting into the nursing program, such as a minimum GPA and prerequisites. However, nursing schools are also looking for students who are both driven and capable of being successful nurses. Working as an EMT shows that you can handle the stress of both nursing school and life as a registered nurse. It also illustrates your ability to work with a team, which is vital to your success as a nurse. Your school will see that you have experience working with patients and emergency situations as a huge perk.

2. Medical Assistant

Medical assistants can work in a variety of healthcare sittings, and most take part in a patient’s direct care. While there is an administrative aspect to medical assistant positions, many work alongside physicians examining patients, taking medical histories, updating medical records and performing basic laboratory tests, among many other roles.

How does working as a medical assistant help me test the waters?

When you become a nurse, you will be working closely with patients on a daily basis. Many of the roles you will take on as a medical assistant are reflective of what you will do as a nurse, including examining and communicating with patients. Although you will have more duties as a nurse, those you take on as a medical assistant will prepare you for the wider range you will do once you start your nursing career. The administrative duties will also prepare you for the paperwork and charting required of nurses.

How does it help my accelerated nursing school application?

Nursing schools will be pleased to see that you want to grow in your medical career, especially if you are seeking a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. This will assure them you are aware of the hard work required on a daily basis in the medical field. Before you even start the nursing program, you will show the school your dedication, your ability to work closely with patients and physicians and your knowledge of the medical field.

3. Home Care Aide

The third and final entry level job we'll talk about in Part II of Application Tips for Accelerated Nursing Programs is home care. Home care aides help provide care to patients who may be limited due to physical constraints or illnesses. Healthcare professionals, typically registered nurses, supervise health care aides as they assist with medications, dress wounds, assist with transportation and ensure safety within the home.

How does working as a home care aide let me test the waters?

Home care aides can be either family members or close friends of the patient, although they can also be a member of hospice. Home care aides will provide basic medical aide to patients, which allows them to sample his or her ability and confidence inpatient care. Those who find great pleasure in caring for a patient as a home care aide will particularly enjoy this aspect of nursing. You will also experience the need for good communication among the home care aide, the presiding nurse or healthcare professional and the patient.

How does it help my accelerated nursing school application?

Nursing schools want to see students who are dedicated to their careers. Working with patients prior to your nursing education will show the schools that you strive to improve the lives of others through medical care. Your ability to communicate well will also be an additional perk on your application, as a successful nurse must be an excellent communicator with fellow nurses, patients, physicians and other healthcare professionals.

These positions all allow you the chance to experience the medical field and give your nursing school application a boost. Speak to an admissions counselor to get more information on applying to nursing school to earn your Bachelor of Science in Nursing today.

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