Discover the Secret to Career Change Success

Most people, at one time or another, have thought about a career do-over. What if you could change your career without having to start over from scratch? Would you pursue a profession that is diverse, rewarding, respected and has a lot of room for advancement? Nursing offers all of these benefits and much more.

You’ll find people become a nurse for different reasons. For some, it is an innate career choice, while others identify with the field after spending time in an unfulfilling profession. Then there are those who discover the calling after a life-changing event.

Discover the Secret to Career Change Success

Typhoon Tragedy Inspires Nursing Career

Meet Kenneth F. — biology degree holder turned Northeastern University ABSN graduate – who was inspired to become a nurse following a typhoon tragedy in the Philippines.

With a love of interior art and a desire to bring joy to others, Kenneth believed a degree in architecture and design would be the answer to a rewarding career. However, he quickly had a change of heart after going to the Philippines as part of an international relief effort following a major typhoon.

While Kenneth traveled overseas to help with farm work, he found himself connecting with the locals and wanting to assist in medical relief—it was then he decided to go into health care. And, he chose our university to make it happen.

Not only did our belief in global engagement align with his values, our Accelerated ABSN program was able to leverage his existing biology degree so he could earn a quality nursing degree in 16 months and get back to helping people.

Today, Kenneth works at Norwood Hospital in Massachusetts and attributes his success to our ABSN program. “I can confidently say that Northeastern University prepared me for the NCLEX-RN and helped me pass with flying colors,” he noted.

Why Kenneth Chose Nursing

When Kenneth first made the decision to pursue a career in health care, he was toggling between the idea of becoming a physician or becoming a nurse. He chose nursing for his career change because he wanted to have the ability to help people on an international level, and it is a role that is globally recognized.

“I knew becoming a physician takes longer and is a different approach. But nursing is about holistic care and being with the patient and holding their hands to relieve their pain. That’s why I chose nursing; I could be with my patients,” he said.

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Why Kenneth Chose Northeastern

Because he already had a degree in biology from a university in New York City, Kenneth knew he could use that to propel himself into a nursing school, and that’s when he found Northeastern University’s Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing program.

“When I talked to admissions counselors at Northeastern University, I learned their mission was to be a global citizen and that’s exactly what I was looking for in a school,” he says. “I knew this was the best school to be in because we share the same vision; to work together to help people all over the world.”

Our university has prepared nurse leaders in practice, education and research for more than 50 years. And, while our main campus is located in Massachusetts, we also offer the same accelerated nursing program in Charlotte at our graduate campus in the city’s Uptown area.

When Kenneth learned of our second-degree BSN program in North Carolina (which became available shortly after he graduated from our nursing school in Massachusetts), he was excited that more students have the opportunity to reap the great educational benefits that were available to him.

“If you are thinking about enrolling in Northeastern University’s ABSN program in Boston or Charlotte, I would say, go for it. It’s a great opportunity from a university with an outstanding profile, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to become a nurse,” said Kenneth.

Why You Should Choose Northeastern

If you’re ready for a career do-over, like Kenneth was, our second-degree ABSN program can give you a fresh start without requiring you to start your college education over from square one.

Whether you studied accounting or zoology, our ABSN curriculum leverages your existing bachelor’s degree so you can graduate with a quality BSN in 16 months—our blended learning model, which combines online coursework with experiential learning, makes it possible. Here’s how:

Online Nursing Theory Coursework

Delivered via an e-Learning platform, convenient online coursework allows you to choose when and where you participate in class. Through the platform, you can listen to and read lecture material, participate in simulated learning activities as well as join scheduled chat sessions with instructors.

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Nursing Skills and Simulation Labs

Hands-on skills and nursing simulation labs prepare you for assisting with patient care during clinical rotations. During these labs, you work alongside top-notch nursing school faculty who help develop your critical-thinking and decision-making skills in a controlled, risk-free environment.

Clinical Rotations

Taking place at leading health care facilities, our accelerated BSN program clinicals have you working alongside top nursing staff and assisting them with patient care. You will gain diverse, real-world nursing experiences in areas that include behavioral health, obstetrics, intensive care and acute care.

At the end of a rigorous 16 months, you can expect to graduate from our ABSN program with the academic foundation and clinical preparedness required to pass the NCLEX-RN for nursing licensure. In fact, 91% of our 2015 BSN graduates passed the exam on the first try.

According to Kenneth, after graduating, his nerves got the best of him and he put off taking the NCLEX-RN exam for a month. “I was nervous about not knowing any of the answers,” he said. “Northeastern continued to help me after graduation with review sessions.” As it turns out, these sessions calmed his test-taking nerves and gave him the courage to just go for it—he passed on his first attempt.

It’s Never Too Late for a Career Do-over

Kenneth’s story is definitely one of inspiration and proof we should stay true to our passions. Don’t miss your second chance at a more rewarding career in nursing by contacting our admissions team today!

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