What’s the Fastest Way to Get a BSN? Consider an Accelerated Program.

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If you’re considering nursing as a career path, now is a great time to begin translating that dream into reality. Nursing is one of the most essential positions in healthcare, as nurses monitor and provide care for patients while coordinating the entire care team. The many responsibilities of nurses, as well as their humanistic, patient-focused care, are part of why nurses have been recognized as the most trusted profession in the U.S. for nearly two decades.

And as we look to the future of medicine with more patients in need of healthcare than ever, nurses are primed to become even more important. In fact, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of registered nurses is projected to increase by 9% between 2020 and 2030 with career options across a huge array of settings.

So, what’s the fastest way to get a BSN and access these varied, rewarding career opportunities as a registered nurse? For eligible students who hold a non-nursing bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution, an accelerated BSN program like Northeastern University’s Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (ABSN) program can help you earn your nursing degree from a top-ranking university in as few as 16 months.

Read on as we explore what makes these programs unique and how they can help you earn your BSN quickly.

How Do ABSN Programs Work?

When it comes to a traditional nursing education, students can typically expect a full four-year commitment (not counting time spent on a waitlist). They’ll spend two of those years fulfilling general education and prerequisite requirements and two years on nursing coursework.

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Accelerated BSN programs work by applying a student’s previous non-nursing bachelor’s degree credits. Paired with accelerated online nursing coursework, as well as in-person labs and clinicals, students can earn their BSN much faster.

Let’s examine the different elements of an ABSN program and explore how they give you a high-quality nursing education more quickly than a traditional program.

ABSN Prerequisites

Prerequisite courses are absolutely vital to earning your BSN, as they give you the knowledge you’ll need to succeed later in your nursing courses. The number of prerequisites varies by program; we advise against enrolling in an ABSN program with no prerequisites as this can indicate a poor standard of education.

In the case of the Northeastern ABSN program, students must have completed eight prerequisite courses. A Northeastern ABSN admissions counselor will work with you from your initial inquiry into the program to review your academic history and see how many prerequisites you have already received credit for. With these completed, you can apply and potentially enroll as an ABSN student.

Online Coursework

Online coursework in an accelerated nursing program is difficult and demanding, covering the same subjects as would be covered in a traditional, on-campus nursing program. Especially within the accelerated format of an ABSN program, students need to be ready to work hard to succeed.

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However, online coursework offers students increased flexibility on where and when they choose to participate in classes. Deadlines are present for assignments and tests, but students can choose to learn at the times that most suit their schedule. With so much going on, this flexibility can be a game-changer. The online courses at Northeastern are tailored to suit a wide range of learning styles, and instructors always remain accessible to answer questions as they arise.

In-Person Skills and Simulation Labs

While online coursework can make the workload of an ABSN program much more achievable, you can’t replicate the learning experience in-person skills and simulation labs offer. These sessions are administered by Northeastern in person at one of our ABSN site locations in Boston or Charlotte once or twice a week.

During these labs you and fellow members of your coursework will learn to apply basic nursing procedures and think on the fly in constantly shifting care simulations, all delivered with high-tech, hospital-grade equipment and medical manikins. These intensive labs are overseen by experienced clinical instructors and will rapidly prepare you for nursing clinical rotations.

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Clinical Rotations

If you’re going to earn your BSN and be prepared to function as a practice-ready nurse in as few as 16 months, you’ll need to rapidly apply what you’ve learned so far to real-world patients and care scenarios. This is where clinical rotations come in.

At Northeastern, these clinical rotations are localized to top healthcare facilities near your ABSN site location and allow you to practice alongside clinical instructors and preceptors across a variety of specialty nursing areas. Through these, you will become truly ready to care for patients as an RN on an accelerated timeline.

Consider Relocating to Earn Your Degree Faster

Traditional nursing program waitlists can trap students in a sort of limbo, where they still want to earn their BSN but their plans can be put on hold potentially for years. Relocating to a program ready to educate you now can help you jump-start your plans and earn your degree sooner.

Here at Northeastern, we see many qualified nursing students willing to relocate to Boston or Charlotte to attend our accelerated nursing program at one of our two ABSN site locations. After all, we can get them moving on their education as soon as possible, with three program start dates per year in January, May, and September. Combined with a 16-month curriculum, relocating could make a huge difference in how quickly you enter the nursing workforce.

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Secure Your Future BSN Degree

Are you ready to take the next step toward your nursing degree and access one of the fastest ways to get a BSN? Explore accelerated nursing programs, as they might be the best option for you.

Contact our admissions team to learn more about our 16-month ABSN program and see how soon we can put your education into motion.

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