Healthy Meal Ideas for Nursing Students On the Run

healthy foods for students

On average, students in the Boston Direct Entry Nursing School devote a minimum of 60 hours a week to their success between clinical, labs, study sessions, homework, tests and other events life may throw their way. With this busy schedule, it's easy to see how students might have a difficult time preparing a healthy meal. Science has proven that proper nutrition is vital to effective brain function. If you're a nursing student look to keep your brain and body operating at prime levels, here are a few suggestions for healthy meal planning.

  1. Research: Take a few minutes to do a little research for quick and healthy meal plans. There are a lot of great resources online; one of them being
  2. Plan the week: You're doing a great job managing your studies; make sure you're taking care of your body and mind, too! Find one hour a week to pick a few meals you want to have on hand and go to the grocery store. If getting to the store is just too much, ask someone in your support system to help you. Eating healthy is paramount to your physical well-being, and remember, you are an advocate of health.
  3. Prep your food: When healthy snacks are prepared and easy to grab, you are much more likely to eat them. Set aside time for meal preparation one day a week. Have a snack bin in your fridge ready to go. Pick simple and easy meals to prepare.

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