How to Lighten Your Load in Nursing School

How to Lighten Your Load in Nursing School

Newsflash: The world doesn’t stop just because you’re in nursing school. Balancing coursework, lab simulations and clinical rotations in our Direct Entry Nursing Program doesn’t leave you with much free time. But that doesn’t mean you can’t slow things down. Here are 3 tips for lightening your load while you’re in nursing school:

Pare down your life.

You’re studying to become a nurse, not a superhero. Don’t pretend your life hasn’t changed by accepting every Evite or trying to do what you’ve always done. Remove some of that pressure! This might mean taking a break from volunteering, stepping down from a committee, delegating household chores to family members or leaving your job. You have a lot on your plate right now. It’s okay to own that.

Identify the non-negotiables.

Before you determine what can be eliminated from your life, identify the rituals that must be preserved at all costs. These activities should be ones you look forward to and fill a core need. Your list might include a five-mile run on the weekends, a standing family movie night (even if the actual night changes each semester) and 10 minutes of leisure reading every day.

Knowing your priorities should make it easier to say no to events and activities that aren’t in sync with your priorities. Is volunteering for your church’s bake sale worth missing your run? Probably not. The brownies will get by without you.

Choose your battles wisely.

While you’re a nursing student, it’s in your best interest to let a lot of the little things go. So what if you haven’t vacuumed in a month? Who cares if you ordered pizza two nights in a row? Your current survival tactics aren’t a reflection of how you’ll live the rest of your life. You don’t have to come up with the perfect solution for every bullet point on your to-do list. You just have to get by. This isn’t a sign of weakness; it shows you have a clear hold on your priorities and that you won’t let everyday life interfere with achieving your goals.

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