Pinning Ceremony for Boston Direct Entry-Hybrid Nursing Program

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Boston Direct Entry Nursing Pinning Ceremony

On August 22, the Direct Entry-Hybrid Nursing Program in Boston celebrated its first pinning ceremony! Students received pins from Northeastern's School of Nursing along with their Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN). This is a key distinction of our program - in many direct entry programs, students meet the academic requirements for a BSN but the only degree conferred is a master's degree.

Next Steps for BSN Graduates

Our students have achieved a major milestone in their nursing career, but their work in the program isn't done. They still have two key objectives to meet:

  1. Pass the NCLEX-RN exam to obtain RN license
  2. Complete requirements for a master's degree in nursing

Students can't accept employment as an RN until they have a valid license from the Massachusetts board of nursing, although some may be offered positions pending the results of the NCLEX-RN. Once they're licensed and working in the field, they'll start completing the MS portion of the program. Direct Entry-Hybrid students earn a master's degree in one of two areas: Neonatal Nurse Practitioner or Nursing Administration/Leadership and Policy. Full-time and part-time tracks are available.

History of the Pinning Ceremony

Boston Direct Entry Nursing Pinning on stage

The pinning ceremony is a time-honored nursing school tradition, dating back to 1855 when Florence Nightingale was awarded a broach by England’s Queen Victoria for her efforts in the Crimean War. It signifies the integrity and tradition of badges worn by the early healers and crusaders of care.

At Northeastern, each baccalaureate student receives a pin that proudly displays Northeastern University “Making a Difference in a Changing World.” It signifies the acceptance of the many responsibilities of those entering into the profession and practice of nursing.

Be on the lookout for more photos from the pinning ceremony next week on our Facebook page.

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