6 Nursing Apps for Registered Nurses and Nursing Students

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top nursing apps for smart phone

Apps for smartphones offer a number of benefits in all facets of industry, including health care. Did you know that nurses today rely on smartphone technology to better service both the patient and healthcare system? Here are a few must-have nursing apps for all registered nurses and nursing students:

Voalte One: An app designed to unify communication throughout the hospital. As long as there is a VoIP system, nurses can text message, activate alarms and call one another via a user directory. Being able to simplify communication reduces mistakes, costs and employee performance.

Nursing Central: This app was designed for both RNs and students and pulls from an extensive database to share information on all types of diseases, medications, test and procedures.

Medigram: This is a secure app that allows users to transfer images, charts and patient updates on a secure one-stop platform via group messaging. The end result is reduced wait times for information and increased ability to make time-sensitive decisions for your patients, which allows you to provide better health care to your patients.

NCSBN Learning Extension Medication Flashcards: Studying for the NCLEX? Make sure to download the app created by the National Council of the State Boards of Nursingto ace the drug information part. You can study thousands of drugs grouped into easy-to-learn categories in the palm of your hand.

Shots Immunizations: An up-to-date digital immunization reference guide. It’s bound to come in handy when you’re in a pinch and need quick answers to vaccination questions.

Lexicomp: Boasted as one of the most advanced mobile drug and clinical resources for nurses, physicians, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals. This app is the go-to resource for all things health care related.

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