Online Learning 101 for Northeastern Nursing Programs

Online Learning 101 for Northeastern Nursing

This is a guest blog post written by one of our instructional designers.

As you explore Northeastern nursing programs such as our hybrid/online Direct Entry-Hybrid Nursing Program in Boston, it can be helpful to understand the technology involved. All of our didactic (theory) courses are offered online through a web-based learning platform to add some flexibility to your schedule. But if you haven’t taken an online class before, online learning may sound scary or overwhelming. This feeling is normal, and it’s an issue you can easily overcome! The purpose of this technology is to help you, not hurt you, in nursing school by enabling you to learn more efficiently.

Once you’re admitted to the program, our staff will provide plenty of support on how and when to use the platform. An important first step is grasping how the platform works. Here are five concepts you’ll want to be familiar with as a Northeastern nursing student:

Learning Management System (LMS)

An LMS is an electronic platform used to present online courses to students. For Northeastern nursing, we use an LMS called ANGEL to deliver course material. ANGEL was selected for its user-friendly interface and robust testing features. Please note the following about ANGEL:

  • ANGEL is not compatible with iOS, Android or WebOS products.
  • 3G and 4G hotspots should not be your primary Internet connection, and they should not be used for taking exams.
  • A laptop computer is strongly recommended for ANGEL or any nursing program with an online component.


A browser is what you use to access the Internet. Examples of different browsers include Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Firefox is the recommended browser to use with the ANGEL system. Other browsers may work with ANGEL to some extent, but Firefox is the most compatible.

Minimum System Requirements

This refers to the software and settings that must be on your computer for it to function properly with ANGEL. We provide you with information about minimum system requirements on the ANGEL login screen.


The Firefox browser requires users to download plugins so that certain items can function properly. The following plugins must be downloaded for ANGEL to work on your computer:

You can also check the status of your plugins.


When you use Firefox, your computer will likely block pop-ups on the ANGEL site automatically. However, if you need to download something while you’re in ANGEL, pop-ups must be enabled. To enable pop-ups on ANGEL, click on the Options button in the yellow bar at the top of the webpage (if you don’t see the yellow bar, it means that pop-ups are already enabled and no action is required). Click on “Allow pop-ups for this site”; this will allow pop-ups to display for the ANGEL site only. For more information about managing pop-ups, visit Mozilla’s Support Center.

Direct Entry-Hybrid at Northeastern allows you to earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) and a master’s degree in nursing within the same program.

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