Should I Become a Nurse? See If You Have What It Takes.

By now, you know that you don’t need a healthcare background, or even a science major, to become a registered nurse. Programs like Northeastern University’s Accelerated BSN program in Massachusetts are a great option for those who want to launch a new career as an RN but don’t have any prior nursing or healthcare experience. The ABSN program provides a high-quality, comprehensive nursing education, with both online courses and hands-on lab and clinical experience, in just 16 months. And while some students enter the program with experience in health-related fields like pharmacy or physical therapy, many come from non-healthcare backgrounds like business, law, and education. The only thing left is to convince yourself to take the plunge and become a nurse.

Should I Become a Nurse?

So if it’s not experience that predicts your success as a nurse, what is it? Current nurses will tell you that personal characteristics are what really count—certain personality traits that make the difference between good nurses and great ones. Your ability to show compassion and understanding to your patients; Your confidence in making independent decisions; Your self-discipline in acquiring the skills and knowledge you need; Your desire to never stop learning and improving.

If you’ve been asking yourself, “Should I become a nurse?” take our short quiz and see if your personality will suit a career as a nurse.

QUIZ: Should I Become a Nurse?

1. You’re at the local ice cream shop when a child in front of you drops his ice cream cone and bursts into tears. You:


2. In a social setting with a large group of people, you tend to:


3. Your ideal way to spend a week-long vacation would be:


4. Your pet injured herself and needs medical treatment. You:


5. You’re reading an article and come across a word you don’t know. You:


6. You’ve just started a new diet when a plate of your favorite cupcakes appears in the break room. You:


7. You’re at dinner with a group of close friends when one of them strongly disagrees with something you’ve just said. You:


8. Fill in the blank with the word that fits best: “I’m useless without my daily quote of ______.”


9. Your bedroom closet could best be described as:


10. Each year, the last-minute craziness of the holidays (shopping, cooking, wrapping, cleaning, etc.) makes you feel…


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