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The idea of higher education for nurses started in 1893 at the Chicago World’s Fair where “the first global meeting of nurses,” was held, according to nurse historian Louise C. Selanders. Since then, nurse leaders and scholars have continually pushed for better education and training for the profession.

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In an effort to help bridge the nursing shortage gap in this country, our accredited ABSN program in Charlotte is working to supply the practice-ready nurses that today’s healthcare employers demand.

While students in our program complete their nursing theory coursework online, they come to our Uptown Charlotte campus to practice their skills inside a state-of-the-art Nursing Center.

Before reading any further, we’d like you to see firsthand what the future of nursing education looks like—take a virtual tour of our nursing school in Charlotte.

Choosing a program that offers nursing simulations labs, such as our ABSN program, is key to your education and a successful career in nursing. These labs are a highly effective teaching methodology that contributes to improved patient outcomes and nursing safety.

Given today’s technology, it’s hard to imagine that when the field of nursing began, it was less about formal training and more about a willingness to do the job. Nowadays, nursing students have the luxury of mastering their clinical skills using real hospital equipment in simulated clinical settings.

Our nursing simulation labs in Charlotte give students the opportunity to practice their nursing skills on high-fidelity medical manikins under the guidance of world-class faculty. These computerized, anatomically correct manikins, which are capable of giving birth and spurting blood, allow students to learn and practice in a realistic, risk-free environment.

Inside the Nursing Center at our nursing school in Charlotte, students:

  • Practice core nursing skills such as checking vital signs and treating wounds.
  • Learn and apply the advanced skills required for complex, trauma situations.
  • Experience diverse patient care scenarios using hi-fidelity medical manikins.
  • Practice team work and collaborative emergency preparedness with peers.

Students typically complete these labs in three phases: preparation work, the simulation experience, and a debriefing with faculty. This high level of engagement provides students with the confidence and preparedness required to excel during clinical rotations at local healthcare facilities—a far cry from the type of clinical practice nursing students received decades ago.

Way back when, most nursing students received their on-the-job training in hospital diploma schools, essentially serving as free labor for hospitals. According to nurse historian Karen J. Egenes, students would work 12-hour shifts with little or no clinical supervision.

In other words, we should really thank all of the nursing advocates who have and continue to push nursing education and training to the forefront.

If you’re someone who wants to become a nurse of the future, contact our nursing school in Charlotte to learn how our experiential learning focus makes all the difference in your education.

Information Source: Nurse.com

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