What Makes Northeastern's Accelerated BSN Program Unique?

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Northeastern's accelerated nursing program in Massachusetts sets itself apart from any other schools and their programs; you won't find any experience like it that helps get nurses prepared for a high-demand workforce. So what makes Northeastern's Accelerated BSN program unique? For starters, Northeastern University is among the top 50 schools in the nation for nursing students to attend.

Patient care is becoming more complex with new advances in technology. It's evident that more highly-educated nurses are needed in the workforce to improve patient safety, as well as meet the rising demand for nurses. With higher education comes higher quality and more cost-effective care for patients. Our Accelerated BSN program helps get baccalaureate-educated nurses out there to improve healthcare quickly.

What Makes Northeastern's Accelerated BSN Program Unique?

The ABSN Program Provides Online Learning and Hands-On Education

There is a national shortage of nurses, especially those with a bachelor’s degree. The goal of Northeastern University’s Accelerated BSN program is to get well-trained nurses in an expedited time-frame. We condensed the traditional four-year BSN curriculum into a 16-month program, and it won't sacrifice in quality while still giving students the freedom to set their own pace.

The program is completed through a combination of online courses and hands-on learning with simulation labs and clinical experience. Students will have access to e-learning with over 200 online nursing activities to tackle any given career situation. The online courses grant access to listen to lectures, submit assignments, complete interactive learning modules, engage with faculty and fellow classmates in discussion, and more.

The simulation labs will allow students to apply their knowledge in an experimental setting. These essential nursing skills will be practiced at Northeastern University’s state-of-the-art lab in Burlington, Massachusetts. This setting will give students the ability to make clinical judgments and apply their knowledge in a safe learning environment.

The hands-on experience students in Northeastern's ABSN program is incomparable thanks to our top-notch medical facility partners. The clinical experience will have students in hospitals and other healthcare faculties that will be the keystone of their undergraduate nursing education. This is crucial to help students in their future careers by using clinical placements with our affiliated medical facilities.

The Best of Medical Facility Partners

Students at the Bouvé College of Health Sciences School of Nursing will get practical clinical experience in top-notch facilities. They will be provided with a wide range of clinical placements with diverse opportunities to fit their specialization.

Although all nursing programs require clinical work, the partnerships between Northeastern and local hospitals allow students to work at some of the nation's best hospitals. Northeastern University is affiliated with more than 100 institutions. These medical facilities are located around the Boston area, and some have even been ranked among the best hospitals in the US and the state of Massachusetts. Through these clinical rotations, students have a step above the rest in the nation.

And a career in nursing opens an array of professional options inside both hospitals and other medical facilities. Working with the top hospitals will help students to specialize as nurse practitioners, anesthetists, hospice, independent contractors, and educators, among so many more.

Top 50 School in the Nation


The nursing program at Northeastern University was established in 1969, and it's RN-to-BSN program, established in 1973. With its rich history in outstanding nursing education, our students are given excellent opportunities in healthcare. Northeastern University is a reputable institution with a world-based approach on education and research.

Our school is among the top in the nation based on data points gathered to help students and their parents compare institutions and make the best choice for their education decision. The data collected includes tuition, average freshman retention rate, SAT/ACT scores, and graduation rates. While this information is important for future freshmen students, it still provides important insight for those considering the Accelerated BSN program.

We pride ourselves on being an accredited nursing school in Massachusetts at state, region, and professional levels. Northeastern University is recognized with the Commission on Institutions of Higher Education (CIHE) and the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE). Our school is also on good standing with the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Nursing.

Faculty Diversity

The Bouvé College of Health Sciences School of Nursing provides some of the most experienced healthcare and nursing leaders who excel in their respective specialties to push undergraduate nurses to success. Northeastern University recruits leading scholars and educators from all across the world, bringing a new perspective to student minds.

Since our Accelerated BSN program is affiliated with more than 100 medical facilities, this gives access to some of the best clinical rotations to maximize education. Besides learning from some of the best specialists in the work force, it's a great opportunity to build network connections for future employment.

Historical Location

Aside from being one of the best schools partnered with some of the best hospitals, Northeastern University is located in the heart of Massachusetts' capital in Boston. Students will enjoy the view of the beautiful campus and feel right at home among its diverse student body and multicultural education in other fields.

Northeastern Accelerated BSN Program Guide

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