Alternative Nursing Careers

With the health care industry booming and registered nurses in high demand, there are several reasons to get a BSN from Northeastern University and transition into the field of nursing.

Even if the hospital environment is not for you, there are many alternative nursing careers to consider.

Northeastern ABSN student listening to child's heartbeat
  • Health Care Educator: Help teach and inspire the next generation of nurses.
  • Research Analyst: Help hospitals determine the best approach to acquiring services and technology.
  • Medical Sales Representative: Help health care providers purchase the right medical equipment.
  • Nursing Informatics Analyst: Help providers manage health care data.
  • Corporate Consultant: Help corporations implement positive health care change.
  • Academic Nurse Writer: Help author textbook chapters in your specialty area.
  • Hospice Nurse: Help patients live out the rest of their lives in comfort.
  • Life Care Planner: Help the terminally ill or those with long-term medical needs develop a plan of care.
  • Nurse Coach: Help insurance companies keep their customers as healthy as possible.
  • Legal Nurse Consultant: Help attorneys interpret medical records and serve as an expert witness.
  • Sports Team Nurses: Help athletes stay healthy and tend to sports-related injuries.

Because the nursing profession is so diverse as well as both financially and personally rewarding, it offers numerous opportunities for job success outside the hospital.  Plus, thanks to the rapid growth of the health care industry, the opportunities for non-clinical nurses continue to expand rapidly. But no matter where you go in the field of nursing, a nursing BSN degree is key to your success.

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