Benefits of Having a BSN

As health care continues to advance and patient needs become more complex, a growing number of hospitals are establishing new education standards for their nursing staff and only hiring nurses who hold a bachelor’s degree in nursing or higher. Hiring a greater percentage of BSN-educated nurses is associated with better health outcomes, including lower mortality rates.

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Magnet-designated hospitals, which the American Nurses Credentialing Center recognizes for excellence in patient care delivery, require all nurses with management or leadership status to have at least a BSN degree.

In 2010, the Institute of Medicine (IoM) published The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health. This report included the recommendation that 80 percent of nurses earn a BSN by the year 2020. Although this goal has not yet been met, the industry continues to move in that direction.

In fact, the state of New York has enacted “BS in 10” legislation, which requires all registered nurses to earn a BSN within 10 years of initial licensure.

By earning a nursing BSN degree, you can start your career without interruption. While an associate degree nursing program teaches you the basics of nursing, it can fall short in developing your critical-thinking and decision-making skills. A bachelor’s degree nursing program cultivates these advanced skills and expands your education to include research, leadership and public health.

6 Reasons to Get a BSN Over an ADN

  1. You will be prepared to enter an advanced degree program (e.g., nurse practitioner) or pursue a nursing specialty in the future.
  2. You gain more instruction in communication, leadership, critical thinking and social sciences.
  3. You have more career advancement opportunities and higher earning potential (e.g., nurse manager).
  4. You will be prepared to practice in a variety of settings, from home care to case management.
  5. You have more job security as state requirements for nurses become more demanding.
  6. You can be more autonomous in your practice, creating a more productive patient experience.
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