Nursing Leadership in Healthcare Delivery and Informatics (MS)

Applications and admissions to the MS in Nursing Leadership Program are suspended until further notice.

If you are a nurse who wants to transition into an administration role, our graduate-level Nursing Leadership in Healthcare Delivery and Informatics program will successfully prepare you to manage the delivery of high-quality care within a variety of settings, including nurse-managed businesses and clinics.

The program blends online graduate and program coursework with a clinical practicum that involves working alongside a preceptor in a healthcare environment to experience different areas of the business, including budgeting, human resources, quality assurance and long-term planning.

You will graduate from the program prepared to facilitate administrative and clinical systems that improve diagnostics and treatment across multiple healthcare settings.

MS Leadership Curriculum

Designed so that students can pursue leadership roles such as nurse administrator, nurse researcher and nurse policy analyst, the program comprises 38 semester hours that can be completed on a full-time or part-time basis.



Graduate Core Courses

NRSG 5118- Healthcare System & Professional Role Development3
NRSG 5121- Epidemiology & Population Health3
NRSG 7105- Translating Evidence into Practice3
NRSG 7110- Evidence Based Application2

Program Core Courses

NRSG 6302- Health Policy & Law3
NRSG 6306- Health Informatics I3
NRSG 6300- Healthcare Financing & Marketing3
NRSG 6340- Healthcare Quality Improvement3
NRSG 6400- Healthcare Systems and Quality Patient Care3

Clinical Practicum Courses

NRSG 6500- Nursing Leadership Role Practicum I (112 hours)3
NRSG 6501- Nursing Leadership Role Practicum II (112 hours)3

Concentration of Study Options (6 credit hours required)

Nursing Leader/Manager & Administration
NRSG 6301- Human Resources & Operations3
Nursing Leader/Health Informatics
NRSG 6307- Operational Informatics in Health Care Organizations3
HINF 6220- Database Design, Access, Modeling, and Security3

Admissions Overview

Our Nursing Leadership in Healthcare Delivery and Informatics program prepares you to be an effective, credible nurse administrator or manager.

The Northeastern Graduate Application is available online and includes a $75 application fee. Please note you will need to visit our account setup. page to create a username and password before completing the online application.

Please send your official transcripts to:

Northeastern University – Admissions
5 Burlington Woods, Suite 205
Burlington, Massachusetts 01803

Eligibility Requirements

To enroll in the MS in Nursing Leadership program, you are required to:

  • Have an active, unrestricted RN license
  • Hold a BSN from an accredited institution
  • Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0
  • Complete a statistics course, including inferential statistics and hypothesis testing

Contact us to learn more about the admission process for this program.