2 Job Searching Tips for New Nurses

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Once you've passed your NCLEX exam, you're fully licensed to practice as a nurse. You're also free to commit 100% of your energy to your job search. Here are two tips that may prove helpful as you find work as a nurse.

1. Keep your options option. As a nurse, you have the unique ability to be eligible for a variety of different work schedules and environments. Take advantage of that! You can work in a hospital where there are several shift options, or you can work in a medical office that keeps more traditional hours. You can work full time or part time. You can even explore opportunities outside of the healthcare industry, such as school systems and community organizations. Leave no stone unturned; you never know which job might be a good fit.

2. Network. As a recent nursing school graduate, it may be tempting to let relationships fall by the wayside as you become more focused on your career. But don't lose touch with the connections you made as a student. Classmates, instructors, mentors from your clinical experiences - all of these people can serve as resources as you explore the job market, potential employers and so on. Nervous about reaching out to someone you don't know very well? Don't be. If the tables were turned, wouldn't you be willing to help? After all, at one point you were all in the same boat.

Happy job searching!

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