How to Make a Video Essay: Accelerated Nursing Program Tips (III)

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Continuing from our two-part series on application tips for accelerated nursing programs and how to write an effective nursing school essay, Northeastern University has recently added a short, two-minute video essay to the accelerated BSN program admissions process. In part III, we bring you advice for making a video essay.

In today’s health care industry, applying to nursing school in Boston has become extremely competitive. Admission standards are high, and schools are seeking out students who have what it takes to be tomorrow’s leaders. Due to the aggressive industry, various nursing schools have students dig deeper when facing the application process. Students everywhere are searching for tips on how to make a video essay.

tips and tricks to your video essay for nursing school

If you find yourself challenged with the task of making an admissions video, don’t stress! You have the control to represent yourself in the best way possible. Accelerated nursing program admission counselors at Northeastern University are always available to give advice on how to make a video essay. At the end of the day, your video essay should portray a confident, poised individual who has what it takes to endure 16 months of full-time study.

The Perfect Video Essay: Basic Requirements

Make a video essay by first plotting an outline. It is important to understand the basic requirements Northeastern University is seeking. When producing the perfect video, keeping it simple is key. This is your chance to share something about yourself that can’t shine through a personal essay.

The video should highlight your goal statement, allowing you to give the school of nursing a glimpse of your personality and your passion for nursing. Your video should feature one or more of the following questions:

  • Why do you want to pursue a career in nursing?
  • What qualities or experience do you have that make you a good candidate for the Northeastern University ABSN program?
  • How do you hope to contribute to the nursing profession?
  • How will you balance the commitments of an accelerated program with other demands in your life?

Northeastern University ABSN Video Specifics

The accelerated BSN program requires a video essay that supplements your goal statement. Your video should be no more than two minutes in length and answer the question What qualities or experience do you have that make you a good candidate for the Northeastern University ABSN program? 

You should show your face throughout the video. Therefore, pay attention to lighting and dress in appropriate attire. This will show the admission counselors that you are serious.

Authenticity is Key

As you journey through the application process, being your most authentic self will separate you from other students. Act as a professional, but do not take yourself too seriously when making your video. The best part about a video application is the level of control you have. For example, if your first take doesn’t go as planned, you can erase it and start over! This is your chance to make an awesome first impression with no mistakes; take advantage of this opportunity!

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6 Tips for your Best Video

The reoccurring question that runs through many applicants' minds are: where do I start? Use the following tips below to successfully create a top-of-the-line video submission.

1. Prepare and Plan

Like any other part of the admissions process, you should be planning ahead. Brainstorming different ideas that come to mind will save you much time and stress. Choosing a unique method before recording will help you tremendously. Below are various options that may help you get started.

  • Decide whether to talk directly to the camera
  • Create a monologue
  • Be interviewed by a friend

2. Speak Slowly and Clearly

It is important that your audience hears your message in a clear and concise manner. Many students are nervous, speaking fast and unclear. Re-watching your video will allow you to catch any unclear or unfit mannerisms.

3. Remember your Audience

As stated above, having a strategic plan to your video is extremely beneficial. Make sure your plan is catered to your specific audience, Northeastern University admissions committee. Hitting the requirements listed above will show that you are serious while capable of following directions.

4. Don’t Mimic your Resume

Northeastern University is breaking away from the traditional college application process by requiring applicants to produce a video submission. As stated earlier, this is your chance to break away from the competition adding personality to your resume.

5. Ask for Help

Don’t be afraid to ask for help when it comes to filming your video. Find your most tech-savvy friend who wouldn’t mind taking the time to film, edit, and give advice. Having friends and family serve as a test audience can be an asset, and allows you to receive accessible feedback.

6. Be Creative

Allow your video to demonstrate a strong initiative while exemplifying creativity. Be sure to highlight your genuine character, while getting your point across. Admission counselors are viewing video submissions daily, so yours should stand out in a unique way.

Let your passion be heard!

You know you want to be a nurse. You're passionate about helping others and making a difference. Don't be shy about expressing your passion in your video! It's okay to let your eagerness shine through your application. Make sure your admissions counselor knows how much you want this. Make Northeastern University view you as a successful asset to the Accelerated BSN program in Massachusetts.

Are you willing to promote your passion for nursing? Speak to an admissions counselor today to take the first steps in the admissions process!

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