Need a Change? You Can Go From BS to BSN in 16 Months.

Wish you would’ve studied nursing as an undergraduate? Well it’s time to stop the “woulda, coulda, shoulda” and take action. By enrolling in our Boston or Charlotte-based accelerated nursing program, you can use your existing BS degree to earn a BSN in as few as 16 months.

bs to bsn in 16 months

What does “as few as 16 months” mean exactly? Our ABSN program constitutes 16 months of professional nursing study, but it doesn’t factor in the time it takes to complete any of the prerequisite courses required for admission. Your previous field of study will determine how many of the eight prerequisites you’ll need to take.

Biology degree holders tend to have the biggest timing advantage of all science majors because they’ve already completed most of the prerequisite courses, which include microbiology, chemistry, and statistics.

No matter how many prerequisites you need to take, our admissions team will help you map out the fastest route for getting them done. Plus, there won’t be a long time lag between your last prerequisite course and your first day of nursing school because we offer ABSN program starts in January, May, and September.

It Takes One to Know One

While many ABSN students do come from a biology background, you shouldn’t let it bother you if you don’t. You’ll find the accelerated learning environment fosters camaraderie and team spirit among students. Everyone shares the same goal, which is to work hard and graduate with a BSN in 16 months.

Meet some of the faces who refused to succumb to the “woulda, coulda, shoulda” way of thinking by enrolling in our ABSN program.

Northeastern ABSN student Patti

“Before nursing school, I was a biology undergraduate and communications graduate. I worked as a pharmaceutical rep and a college admission counselor. It was after the birth of my first child that I decided to become a labor and delivery nurse. I’m now working toward my BSN and will graduate from Northeastern in May 2018.” -Patti S., Charlotte ABSN Student

Northeastern ABSN student sarah

“Before nursing school, I was a student athlete who majored in public health. I thought about becoming a physician assistant, but after shadowing someone, I discovered the profession wasn’t for me. I wanted more hands-on experience with patients, so I decided to become a nurse. I’m now at Northeastern and will graduate in May 2018.” – Sarah M., Charlotte ABSN Student

Northeastern ABSN student rina

“Before nursing school, I was a direct support professional working with autism clients. I helped them with daily life skills. After a year in this role, I decided to enhance my skill set so I could help people on a deeper level. I recently graduated from the ABSN program at Northeastern and it feels outstanding.” -Rina P., Boston ABSN Graduate

Northeastern ABSN student shaelyn

“Before nursing school, I studied health sciences, knowing I wanted to become a nurse. However, the nursing program where I first went to school was new, which made me apprehensive. The biggest thing for me was finding a school with a really good reputation and nursing program. I just completed the ABSN program at Northeastern and would recommend it to anyone. I feel prepared to take the NCLEX-RN® exam that’s required to join the nursing profession.” -Shaelyn C., Boston ABSN Graduate

Northeastern ABSN student megan

“Before nursing school, I was raising my kids and volunteering for hospice. When I was on maternity leave, with my now 10-year-old child, I decided not to go back to work as a grants manager. I no longer wanted to sit behind a desk working with numbers.

Having kids and working with hospice patients made me a different person. I found it very gratifying to bring comfort to people facing the end of their lives. I recently graduated from the Northeastern ABSN program, and my goal is to become a hospice nurse for the elderly.

When you’re in your mid-forties, like me, it’s easy to get stuck thinking it’s too late to go back to school. But it’s not. My nursing school experience went by so fast ― now I can spend my next 20-plus years in the workforce as a nurse.” – Megan B., Boston ABSN Graduate

It’s Never Too Late

Life is full of second chances; you just have to open your mind. Whether you have a bachelor’s degree in accounting or zoology, our ABSN program in Boston or Charlotte can put you on the accelerated path to nursing. Don’t let another minute go by doing something you don’t enjoy. Speak with a Northeastern admissions counselor today.

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